Second day of 19th Youth Film Festival and 7th Four River Film Festival – young film-makers presented on the yellow carpet!

Second day of the 19th Youth Film Festival and 7th Four River Film Festival is behind us. From 9:30 in the morning, when it started, until the late night hours we had a day during which all the visitors were able to enjoy screenings of competition films, swimming in Korana river and evening program that served as a prelude to the football fever.

The first projection of the competition program at 9:30 pm in the temple of Karlovac cultural life - Zorin Dom Theatre screened the films from Croatia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Brazil, the United States and neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, after which the audience together with film critic Boško Picula, a member of the selection committee, could meet the film-makers who shared their experiences from making the films. At the second screening at 11:30 am young students from Croatia, Macedonia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Armenia and Slovenia have once again contributed to the expansion of the international film network and shared their thoughts with the audience, and after lunch break the third screening of the competition program began, as rich as the previous two.

After some time spent in Zorin dom Theatre the guests moved to the riverbank of Korana where they worked very hard on filming their v-logs. Video longs on 'Karlovac – town of youth' and 'four Karlovac rivers – what can they offer us?' is an excellent project which every filmmaker will show from his/her point of view and serve to promote this pearl and greatly assist the Tourist Board in its popularization.

Film lovers of the seventh art never have enough so the evening program traditionally took place, this time on the most popular summer hangout - the riverbanks of Korana, Foginovo swimming site.

The hostess of the evening was actress Amanda Prenkaj who invited all the authors whose films were screened the previous day on the yellow (not red) carpet. At first confused, but then brave, everyone managed very fast way around the center of the yellow limelight and the flash of cameras.

The spectators started the evening under the stars with the screening of the young academic editor Maida Srabović and her animated film “Lady Akra Šimšiš“ with which she won the first prize at the festival in Zadar, exactly ten years ago. As part of the program “Once laureates of the festival, and today?” Maida’s current successful film was screened. It talks about the demise of one neighbourhood video store and is directed by David Knapac ‘Permamant Hire'. Before the screening we talked to Maida and she wished young filmmakers the best of luck in their future occupations, regardless of whether it has to do with film.

After the past, the audience was back to the present. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties the organizers were not able to show a Miha Hočevar film „Going our way", but a very practical replacement was quickly found and it was a kind of overture to the football game that followed. A Đuro Gavran film, "The Celts" was shown on the big screen. It is a documentary film which is linked to the theme of colourful fans from the Holy Trinity. Although deeply concentrated on the art of film, the organizers have not forgotten about football so after the film viewers remained in the same positions, enjoying the live broadcast of the World Cup match where Croatia played against Cameroon.

Today we are facing even richer film content. The morning traditionally passes marked by screenings of the competition program, while the afternoon is reserved for educational program designed for high school students and their mentors made ​​up of a series of workshops and lectures. Guests will have the opportunity to participate in the sound recording workshop, animation out of the box, animated documentary film and dance film. In addition, lectures that focus on Happy as a dance film, journey on film and dance film pedagogy will be held.

A break after a busy day tonight will happen at the Dobra River, on the beach Grdun, with the program ‘Once laureates of the festival, and today?’ with Luka Hrgović and the documentary "Disconnected" by the American director Melody Gilbert.


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Second day of 19th Youth Film Festival and 7th Four River Film Festival – young film-makers presented on the yellow carpet!
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