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The Youth Film Festival is, as the name suggests, the national festival of high school film and is therefore as such a central place for Croatian high school film production. Up to 2007 it moved from town to town for 12 consecutive years until Cinema Club Karlovac was given the privilege to host it from then on. Cinema Club Karlovac has since then been the co-organizer of the festival together with the Croatian Film Clubs’ Association. The success of the Karlovac editions can best be seen from the 4000 visitors at the film screenings and over a hundred young authors who virtually conquered the city!

Since 2008 we also organize the Four River Film Festival witch is the festival’s international counterpart. This means that it is an international festival of high school film, which makes it unique not only in Croatia but also in the whole region. The only criterion for application is the high school status of the author! This makes Karlovac a synonym for high school filmmaking and a top destination for high school film!

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Karlovac High School

Cooperation of Four River Film Festival and Pula Film Festival; one of the winners in Karlovac participated in a workshop in Pula! 20th Youth Film Festival and 8th Four River Film Festival ended with the 'Yellow Flag Award', the Audience Award and special awards 'Talent Camp Odense' and 'Prodigy camp'! We announced the winners and set fire to the banana! Screenings of the competition programme, workshops for students and mentors and Q&A with Marina Jurišić on the second day of Four River Film Festival! The Opening Ceremony of 20th Youth Film Festival and 8th Four River Film Festival
The Grand Opening of 20th Youth Film Festival and 8th Four River Film Festival 20. Youth Film Festival and Four River Film Festival: bananastic film marathon begins! The best from children's film kitchen - we cook best film soups! Educational program: the choice has never been greater! Banananastic stand-up comedy with Marina Orsag and Aleksandar Curać Šarić! 'Yellow Flag' – Award for Contribution to Nonviolence on Film Ferdinand Glad Bach: ‘My role model is Marlon Brando, and what bothers me most is lack of self-confidence.’ Mateja, Karlo and Leo: ‘A few months of work is what it sometimes takes from concept to realization of a 20 seconds long quality promotional video material!' Delegation from Cinema Club Karlovac on TIMELINE FILM FESTIVAL 2015 72 films in the competition program of the 20th Youth Film Festival & 8th Four River Film Festival Delegation of Croatian Film Association in Valencia! 20th Youth Film Festival and 8th Four River Film Festival – application period extended till March 15! Representatives of the Croatian Film Association, young filmmakers Rebeka Čuljak and Miran Ratković invited to be SPECIAL JURY MEMBERS at Giffoni Experience! TOGETHER WITH THE NEW YEAR, WE ARE CELEBRATING THE SUBMISSION PERIOD FOR YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL AND FOUR RIVER FILM FESTIVAL! MEMBERS OF THE CINEMA CLUB KARLOVAC PRESENTED FOUR RIVER FILM FESTIVAL IN BERLIN FourRiver Film Festival presented in Istanbul and Vienna / Winners of Children's Film Festival and Youth Film Festival also stayed in Istanbul Croatian delegation at Giffoni Festival in Macedonia Friends from Dubrovnik graded films and presented Four River Film Festival in Seoul! Rajna, Antonio and Marija represent Croatia at World Youth Media Summit! Youth Film Festival and Four River Film Festival made first exchange of festival organizers with Nordic Youth Film Festival - Adriana Dimić stayed in Norway!