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Who organizes the festival?

Croatian Children's Film Festival visits another town every year. That is how Croatian Film Association organizes the Festival with different elementary schools, cinema clubs and video groups across Croatia. This year, festival doesn't have just two organizers, but three, and it takes place in three towns. Together with Croatian Film Clubs' Association this year's festival organizers are Film and Creative Studio Vanima, Čakovec Animated Film School and Martijanec Elementary School and it takes place in Varaždin, Ludbreg and Čakovec.


As an experiment in organization, it is definitely a step forward in festival's production. Another advantage is that two out of three towns have already been hosts of the festival (Čakovec more than once).


On the other hand, Northern Croatia is a kind of hothouse for children's animation. The fact that proves is that the year before last year, half of the program was comprised of animated film. We can thank two associations from the North (together with the one from Zaprešić) for this phenomenon - ČakovecSchool of Animated Film (ŠAF) and Film and creative studio VANIMA from Varaždin.