Films and fun on the first day of Croatian Children's Film Festival

52nd Croatian Children's Film Festival began on Thursday in Varaždin. At the opening ceremony led by Davor Dokleja from Čakovec Theater Group Pinklec in cinema Gallery a seat more was sought. All present enjoyed in the program prepared by the students and teachers of Martijanec Primary School. A choir of teacher sang a few songs accompanied by the tambura, girls sang a cappella, little tambura musicians also played, members of the Stage-Drama group performed the play Grandpa and the beet, and members of the school dance group also performed. The president of the Croatian Community for Techical culture Ante Markotić, principal of Martijanec Primary School Sonja Huzjak, secretary of the Croatian Film Association Vera Robic-Škarica and Hrvoje Selec and Sandra Malenica, leaders of Varaždin's creative studio VANIMA all addressed the audience. After a short speech by the famous actor Jan Kerekeš and elementary school student Sabina Laura Balaić from Martijanec Primary School, the audience was covered with balloons and that is how the official opening ceremony ended.

Also, the audience saw the first screening yesterday, a series of animated, documentary and feature films.

- The received films cover a variety of topics, and this year is dominated by animated films due to their quality and diversity of techniques. We evaluate the subject, technique, idea, innovation, and in feature films and director's processes and actors. There are many segments that contribute to the overall impression and the final decision. The films are made by children, and judging from what we have seen today, these children have future ahead of them and we can expect them to become successful future filmmakers - said a member of the jury, director Čejen Černić.

This year on seven screenings the audience will see 48 animated, 17 feature, 15 documentary, 8 TV reports and 4 films in the open category.

The children were thrilled on the first Festival day.

- It's my first time here with my films, but our school participated already in two Festivals. This year we are here with three films. We are satisfied with our work and happy to be here and hope that the next generation of students of our school participate in the Festival as well - said Barbara Jurić from elementary school Mečenčani, Donji Kukuruzari.

Today, after two morning screenings in Varaždin, students, their mentors and guests from abroad are going to move to Ludbreg. On Saturday and Sunday they will be in Čakovec where the closing ceremony with the awards will take place.

Program schedule

Friday, September 26
17.30 to 18.30 – 4th competition screening and Q&A with the authors in Ludbreg

Saturday, September 27
09.00 – 5th competition screening and Q&A with the authors (Culture Center, Čakovec)
10.30 – 6th competition screening and Q&A with the authors (Culture Center, Čakovec)
14.00 to 15.00 – talk between festival organizers and representatives of film clubs and media teachers (Culture Center, Čakovec)
14.00 to 18.00 – workshop program (Culture Center, Čakovec)
18.00 – 7th competition screening and Q&A with the authors (Culture Center, Čakovec)

Sunday, September 28
10.00 – closing and awards ceremony of the festival (Culture Center, Čakovec)
11.00 – talk between authors and festival jury members (Culture Center, Čakovec)