The thirty chosen ones

The official award ceremony and at the 52nd Croatian Children's Film Festival was from 25 to 27 September held in Varaždin, Ludbreg and Čakovac.

The best film in the category of animated film by the decision of the professional jury was The Great White Hen made by primary school pupil Josip Zorić from Dugo Selo. The second prize went to Morning coffee of the Dubrava Cultural Centre from Zagreb, and the third prize was divided between two films - Golden, by an author of Čakovec Animation School and Haircut, by FKVK Zaprešić. The children's jury awarded first prize to animated film Remembering one love by Nikola Tesla Elementary School in Gračac, the second place went to the Circle of death by FKVK Zaprešić, and the third award went to the film Different by Varaždin's FKS Vanima.

In the category of feature films, Mirror, a film from primary school V. Holjevca won the first prize and children's jury awarded the same film the second prize. Runner-up for the professional jury was Discipline by FKVK Zaprešić, while both the professional jury and the international children's jury awarded third prize to the film Boomerang of goodness in class 6a by primary school Strahoninec, Čakovec. Children's jury was most impressed by film Cinema from FKVK Zaprešić, which was awarded first prize.

Photo by Adrian Žgaljić

Best documentary film was Same, but so different by Katarina Zrinski elementary school, Mečenčani, Donji Kukuruzari and children's jury awarded it the third prize. In second place was Adjustment by FKVK Zaprešić, and two documentaries won the third prize were, Background sounds by Bartol Kašić Primary School and the Association Manda - film and word and A girl for everything to which children's jury awarded the second prize. For children the best documentary is called My name is Ivica by Photo-Cinema Club Ivanovec, Čakovec.

In the category of TV report the first prize of the professional jury was not given away and the second place was shared by two reports – The pride of Čakovec by primary school Strahoninec and Gain or loss of the Hodači po žici Association from Zagreb. Third prize went to the report Stone by stone by Z(k)Adar / Stanovi elementary school, and to the report I know my goal by M. J. Zagorke elementary school / film group ZAG. The International children's award was given to There is time of the Rijeka Youth Residence, the second-ranked was The pride of Čakovec, and third prize was awarded to Mala Subotica elementary school for Because my heart takes me there.

Have the cake and eat it too by Krešo Golik Group from Fužine is the best movie in the open category in the opinion of the professional jury while the children awarded it third prize. The second place was awarded to Loud silence of Bartol Kašić primary school and the Association Manda - movie and word, and third prize wass not awarded. Children's jury gave the film first prize to Slowmotion of Rijeka Youth Centre and the second one to Happy by Kata of Katarina Zrinski elementary school, Mečenčani, Donji Kukuruzari.

The film Yellow by Varaždin's Vanima, in the opinion of the jury was the best workshop film and Panši Island by Šipan school of film received a special award. Children were most impressed by the workshop film Flower from Baldekin which was made at the 53rd International Children's Festival in Šibenik.

With the screening of workshop accomplishments for animated, feature and documentary films and TV reportage and the adoption of seminar conclusions, on Sunday night will  officially have completed the Media-education seminar which was held in three cities and which lasted from 23 to 28 September, with participants from Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey and Croatia. A soon will folllow the publication of the manual which was made during the seminar and its promotion, most likely at the upcoming Dubrovnik Film Festival.

Duško Popović