93 achievements included in the competition program of this year's 52nd Croatian Children Film Festival

The selection jury comprised of Simon Bogojević Narath, Čejen Černić, Maja Flego, Boris Poljak i Slaven Zečević selected 93 children's films which will enter the competition program at this year's 52nd Croatian Children Film Festival, a national manifestation dedicated to elementary school film.

144 films by young authors were submitted to this year’s edition and it served as evidence of quality work in the field of children's filmmaking, as part of media education for which the Croatian Film Club’s Association as organizer of this festival stands for. Submitted films were received from all parts of Croatia, and in this year's competition program included films from Čakovec, Donji Kukuruzari, Dugo Selo, Fužine, Gračac, Koprivnica, Korčula, Luka, Ivanovac, Macinec, Mala Subotica, Orehovec, Osijek, Rijeka, Sesvete, Slavonski Brod, Split, Šibenik, Varaždin, Velika Gorica, Vrbovec, Vrbnik, Šipan, Zadar, Zagreb and Zaprešić. The most energetic groups come from Varaždin (Film and creative studio Vanima with 20 listed films), Zaprešić (Photo Video Club Zaprešić with 9 films in the program) and Čakovec and Zagreb (School of Animated Film Čakovec and Dubrava People’s University with 7 selected films). As in the last few years, the most common is the production of animated films that comprise more than half of the program (up to 49 titles), followed by documentary and fiction films (with 16 per title), TV reports (8 titles) and the open category which has had the least number of films for many years (with only 4 titles).

We congratulate the authors of the selected films and we hope to see you in a month's time in three Croatian towns where the festival takes place: Varaždin, Ludbreg and Čakovec with the organizational help of three film associations, i.e. clubs: Film and Creative Studio Vanima from Varaždin, Čakovec Animated Film SchoolandMartijanec Elementary School.

This year's edition ​​offers many new features - among others there will be a media education seminar-workshop program for leaders of film groups from the region (Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia) which is supported by the Agency for Mobility and EU programs and programs Erasmus+. Also, children's jury will have little filmmakers from Čakovec and young filmmakers from Macedonia, Turkey, Italy and Armenia, so the Children Film Festival gets an international character.

For list of the films in the competition program, follow this link.