Three in one

This year's Croatian Children's Film Festival is special because of two major novelties it brings. Moving from Varazdin to Čakovec, over Ludbreg, like everything else in this world has its supporters and opponents, and both have valid arguments. First ones they say that it is logical to link these two strong associations, creative film studio VANIMA from Varaždin and Čakovec's SAF, which are together with Martijanec elementary school and of course Croatian Film Association the organizers of the 52nd Festival, especially since both are doing similar work because they deal with animated film by working with children and youth. Unifying their capacities to organize and implement the Festival will certainly have far-reaching consequences and it is rightly expected that some new forms of cooperation will strengthen both of them. Since elementary school Martijanec, which has accepted part of the organization, does not have a cinema, the fourth screening was held in the at the Open University Dragutin Novak in Ludbreg, and it was also an opportunity to get to know one of the oldest cities in Croatia, for which its inhabitants claim that is the navel of the world. And it was certainly an added content to Festival's diversity. On the other hand, advocates of maintaining the Festival in one center say the move is complicated and it would be better to have all the facilities in one city, to avoid problems of getting used to new hotels every day or two, meeting and orientation in another one or two towns, different conditions of screenings and everything else. Obviously the solution for this year will be discussed further, particularly if it settles as future practice.

Photo by Adrian Žgaljić

The children's jury, which has so far been composed of elementary school pupils from host towns has this year been enriched by participation of their peers from Italy, Hungaria, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey. It is the fruit of collaboration with international children's film festivals Giffoni Experience from Italy, Universal Kids Film Festival in Turkey, Gombolyag Foundation from Budapest, Hungary, Luxury Productions from Krško, Slovenia and Cultural Center Gornji Milanovac, Serbia.

Leaders and participants of the workshops carried out as part of Media-education seminars had worried and tired faces because it seemed that they would fail to implement the goal which they themselves planned in such a short period of time. They began filming in Varaždin, at the film workshop they almost finished, but it is always good to record another scene that is missing because this always turns out to be the case during editing. Slaven Zečević, jury member at the 52nd Festival and professional film editor says that sometimes with young authors in school film clubs this is seen as the solution to all their dilemmas and problems, but it usually cannot save them from lack of preparation. Workshop for TV report addressed the 44th Baroque music festival in Varaždin, and will address the people of Čakovec and their reactions to it, so there is still a lot of recording and editing. As a result, Ivana, and Karlo and Antonio are a little nervous, but knowing their past work and achievements, we did not doubt that everything will be as it should. After all, until Sunday evening, when the films will be shown at the end of the seminar, there are still almost two full days (and one working night!) so they will have time.

The always smiling Ksenija and her documentary team worked hard from the first moment of the seminar and did not let us see their tensions and dilemmas, and Morana and Iva, who led the animated film worshop were even more impossible to decipher. There was also tireless Nikola who was always ready to help and solved all possible sound problems.

Therefore, we should expect Sunday screenings on time and enjoy the workshop achievements. Young workshop participants will benefit the most from all this excitement because they have learned a lot.

Duško Popović