Presentation of the 14th Youth Film festival and the 2nd Four River Film Festival at the 8th Amateur Film Festival


Zagreb, 02 April – As it was announced, on 02 April, at 11 o’clock at cinema Grič, Oliver Sertić, one of the organizers of the Amateur Film Festival, Marija Ratković, coordinator of the 14th Youth Film Festival and the 2nd Four River Film Festival, and Marija Markezić, from the festival’s organizational team, over morning coffee, presented the YFF and the FRFF to numerous high school goers interested in the festival.

The Youth Film Festival, as its name suggest, is the national revue of high school film and as such it’s a central place for Croatian high school film production. The Cinema Club Karlovac has since 2007 hosted the Festival. Three thousand visitors at festival screenings and over a hundred young authors who virtually conquered the city of Karlovac are the best proof of the success this festival has had. The number of film applications is bigger each year and the best piece of news is that precisely today, and over two months before the application deadline, we received the first application! The growing interest in the festival is obvious!, said Marija Ratković.

The festival is definitely growing and gaining in quality with each year, and, as organizers, we constantly try to introduce improvements and innovations, that will enrich not only the festival but all of its participants as well. As you may have noticed already, the festival has changed its name slightly (into Youth Film Festival), making its use easier and the festival more recognizable. We are happy that this year we will also organize the second edition of the Four River Film Festival, the international festival of high school film, which makes it unique not only in Croatia but in the entire region, added Marija Markezić.

After a very spontaneous talk with the organizers of the YFF and the FRFF, the audience at cinema Grič had a chance to see a selection of the best film accomplishments from the 13th YFF and the 1st FRFF.

The 14th Youth Film Festival and the 2nd Four River Film Festival will be held 10-13 September of this year. All those who would like to apply with their latest films can do so by sending in the application till 8 June for the Youth Film Festival or by 01 July for the Four River Film Festival. You can find the application and all additional information on the web site: www.hfs.hr

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