Barbara Vekarić has obtained degrees in Film Directing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. She has directed the feature film "Aleksi" (2018), as well as a number of shorts, most notably the recent "Nitko nije savršen"/"Nobody's Perfect" (2017), as well as "Prva dama Dubrave" ("The First Lady of Dubrava") and "Mali rakun" ("The Little Raccoon"), which have been screened at more than 50 film festivals around the world, winning about a dozen awards. Barbara has directed commercials, music videos and TV programmes (such as the children's show "Laboratorij na kraju svijeta"/"The Lab At The End Of The World" and the travel documentary "Kauč-surferica"/"The Couch Surfer" for Croatian Television). She worked in production of the HBO  show "Game of Thrones" and the Canal+ show "Borgia", and interned at the Voltage Pictures distribution company. Her work was selected for the Berlinale Talents and Sarajevo Talent Campus programes and she also directed the short "Moja! Moja! Moja sobica!"/"Mine! Mine! My little room!" for Sarajevo The City of Film and the Sarajevo Film Festival. Vekarić is the president and co-founder of the Motion Association. As part of that association, she has organized six educational workshops for children and produced and co-produced about a dozen films ("Aleksi", "Deer Boy", "U plavetnilo"/"Into the Blue", "Nobody's perfect", among others).

Barbara Vekarić

Nikola Janković
Skillful. Clumsy. Amusing. Boring. Reliable. Unreliable. Wordy. Sensible. Difficult. Persistent. Romantic. Prone to banal discussion endings. Inventive. Edgy. Skeptical. Pragmatic. No talent at gambling. No talent at football. Educated musician. Decent chess player. Independent. Changeable luck and hairstyle in life. Renaissance type. Filmmaker. Good sound designer. Appeared in a few short films and commercials. Produced sound for several feature films and many commercials. I make excellent pancakes. Muffins, too. When alone, I play the racket and slide on the hardwood floor like Angus Young. My name is Nikola Janković. I'm from Belgrade, Serbia. I finished my studies of sound design at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in my hometown. I work as a sound designer in a studio, doing my dream job.

Nikola Janković

Director/Writer/Producer Rick Stevenson has directed, produced and/or written twelve feature films and nearly 100 hours of television. He has worked with Robert Redford, Hugh Grant, Christopher Plummer, Kiefer Sutherland, Meg Ryan, Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Connelly, Mark Harmon and many others. He has created, hosted, directed, written and produced three series for television and executive produced over 200 shorts. He is the founder of The School of Life Project which features 350 kids from twelve countries. He created the 'Bloom Method' of documentary interviewing and co-invented the StoryCatcher technology which has now collected over 150,000 stories over five continents. He founded The Prodigy Camp for the 20 most talented teen filmmakers and songwriters from around the world. He also co-founded 'thefilmschool' with Tom Skerritt and Stewart Stern. He has won over 40 awards for his work in film, television and commercials and authored a book on US-Soviet relations. He holds a Doctorate from Oxford University, a Master’s Degree from The London School of Economics and a Bachelor’s degree from Whitman. Rick is married with four children.
Contact: Rick@RickStevenson.com

Rick Stevenson

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