Jury 2015

Maja Flego, journalist and counselor at Ombudsman for Children's office
Graduated pedagogy at Faculty for Humanic and Social studies in Zagreb but instead of working in school she accidentally got into journalism. As a journalist and editor she spent most of her professional career in weekly paper Školske novine, covering education, children's rights and children's art. For many years she works as a member of editorial staff at the magazine for family, kindergarten and school Zrno. She is currently working as a counselor of the Ombudsman for Children for public relations. She was published in children's magazines and some of her works for children made it into a collection of stories "Priče za mame i tate" (Alinea, 2000.), she also published a parenting book called "Iz roditeljskog kuta ili roditelj u kutu" (Školske novine, 2002.). She edited several scientific publications from the field of education and children's rights and published numerous articles of child protection in media and other fields in scientific magazines and other press. She has been following children's filmmaking in Croatia since 1999. as a member of judging panel of Croatian Children's Film Festival. Since 2009. she participates in selection of films by professional authors and children for UNICEF Festival of Children's rights. In the past three years she is participating in awarding the Blue VAFI for a film that promotes children's rights at the International Animated Film Festival of Children and Youth Varaždin, VAFI.

Maja Flego

Simon Bogojević Narath, animator
Graduated in 1992. at the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb under professor Đuro Sedlar. One of the founders of International festival of experimental film and video 25 FPS. For the past twenty years he has been working on numerous artistic and commercial projects (TV shows, music videos, commercials, theatre works, original short and long feature films) as a director, set designer, CGI artist/animator or graphic designer. He is the author of short experimental and animated films that have been shown and awarded on numerous national and international festivals (Animafest, Annexy, Clermont-Ferrand and others). He is a lecturer at UMAS, APURI, ALU and UNIN and is currently artistic director at Zagreb film.

Simon Bogojević Narath

Boris Poljak, photography director
Boris was born 1959 in Split where he studied law. He is a member of Kinoklub Split since 1978 and during the 80's, under their production he made two armature films, Nova godina and Geronimo je mrtav, and eight films as a cameraman on Super 8 and 16 mm. Since the beginning of the 90's he is working as a professional movie and TV cameraman. He is one of the founders of Sabor of alternative film in Split from 1982 until 1988 and one of the founders of International Festival of New Film and Video in Split. He has been awarded for his filming work at the Days of Croatian Film in 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2015. Lately he mainly cooperates with directors Damir Čučić and Zdravko Mustać. He is the photography director and three of their long feature films: Blizine, Pismo ćaći and Vjetar puše kako hoće. He is the author of an award winning documentary and experimental film Auto-fokus. He is the vice president and associate of Croatian Film Association working on projects in their production as well as lecturer at the School of Media Culture. Lives and works in Split.

Boris Poljak

Slaven Zečević, editor
Slaven was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1967. He graduated film editing at the Academy of Dramatic arts in 1991. Since 1988 he is one of the founders of a Kinoteka magazine, at the same year he begins his professional film career. During the 90's he is publishing film essays and critics in various press. He is writing professional and scientific articles for Croatian Film Yearbook and he participated in Film lexicon by Lexicographical Institute Miroslav Krleža. He got his master's degree in history of Croatian film at the Faculty of Humanic and Social studies in Zagreb. He edited movies by Lukas Nola, Hrvoje Hribar, Neven Hitrec, Daniel Kušan and others.

Slaven Zečević

Čejen Černić, director (member of the Selectors Board)
Čejen graduated film and TV directing at Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She has been working as an assistant on a long featured films since 2007 (some of her works: Dalibor Matanić "High Noon"; Zvonimir Jurić "Kosac"; Zrinko Ogresta "Iza stakla", "Projekcije"; Daniel Kušan "Koko i duhovi", "Ljubav ili smrt", Dražen Žarković "Zagonetni dječak"; Robert Orhel "Hitac"; Igor Mirković "Noćni brodovi"; Ivan Goran Vitez "Šuma summarum"). In the mean time she is preparing her own projects, writing, studying...

Čejen Černić

Aleš Suk, film director (member of jury)
Independent filmmaker from Czech republic with an address in Rijeka. He finished education at Prague Film Academy FAMU where he is teaching editing since 2004. As a director, cameraman, editor and a producer he worked on numerous films. He is one of the founders, organizers and mentors of REFINERI platform for support and development of hybrid audiovisual work in Rijeka since 2012. Selected films from Croatian works: "Kamo?" (2010)- directing, filming, editing; "Marijine" (2011, Željka Suková) - filming, editing, production; "Winter wonder" (2012, Željka Suková, Gustavo Beck) - filming, editing.

Aleš Suk