And the award goes to...

Award ceremony for the 53rd Croatian Children's Film Festival was held on a Saturday, October 3rd at ten o'clock in Rijeka.

Professional jury, Simon Bogojević Narath, Maja Flego, Boris Poljak, Aleš Suk and Slaven Zečević gave third place in the animated film category to the film In the jaws of time by Klub Pulske filmske tvornice Pula for the interesting narration and creative usage of different animation techniques. Second place went to the film Boy that searched for happiness by FKVK Zaprešić because of the poetical approach the universal question of finding happiness and the first place to the film I don't care by ŠAF Čakovec because of their high quality performance and carrying out the story from the beginning to the end as well as expressing clear and funny social criticism. International children's jury gave the third prize to Wild Driving by ŠAF Čakovec, second to the I don't Care by ŠAF Čakovec and first place to the Parental Bans by FKVK Zaprešić.

In the documentary film category, professional jury decided to not give the third prize and the second place went to the film Dream Job by Filmska družina ZAG – OŠ Marija Jurić Zagorka, Zagreb for the involved and honest presentation of a tough but noble work. First place went to My house my freedom by Videodružina BezVizije from Slavonski Brod for the simple and warm presentation of unusual life choice. Children's jury awarded the third prize and the second prize went to the film Black belt by OŠ Mala Subotica and the first prize to the film Dream Job by Filmska družina ZAG – OŠ Marija Jurić Zagorka from Zagreb.

Third place by the professional jury for the fiction film went to the film Escape by OŠ Vjećeslav Holjevac from Zagreb for the misunderstanding that was done in a witty and playful way. Second place went to the film Ivanka by Filmska družina Kreše Golika from Fužine for the parody on a phenomena of TV vanity and the special mention went to the performance by „teta Ivanka“. Loser by Audiovizualni Centar Dubrovnik won the first place for the mature and skilful performance of a though story and the team work of the whole crew. Children's jury awarded Mateo by Filmski klub OŠ fra Kaje Adžića as third, while the first and second places were the same as the professional jury.

In the TV report category, professional jury awarded two third places, Diploma for courage by Udruga Hodači po žici – OŠ Rudeš, Zagreb for leading us to the world of children's fear of doctors and the film Time Capsule by OŠ Jurja Šišgorić from Šibenik for the universal theme of need to leave a mark. Life goes on, Studio kreativnih ideja Gunja won the second place for presenting the natural disaster and its effect on everyday life of victims. First place went to More than a game by OŠ Mala Subotica for the challenging topic and clear performance which tore down prejudice and stereotypes. Children's jury awarded the third place to Love by Filmska skupina Gajevci, Zaprešić, second place to the Diploma for courage and the first place to Life goes on.

In the open category professional jury did not award the third prize and the second went to Copy-paste by Udruga Hodači po žici – OŠ Rudeš, Zagreb which chose the theme of bullying. First place went to We're stronger together by OŠ Katarina Zrinska from Mečenčani for the brave expression of their own differences and call for unity. International children's jury had a different idea. Their third place went to the film Let's talk louder, maybe they'll hear us by OŠ Bartol Kašić from Zagreb, second place to the I can forgive by Filmska družina ZAG – OŠ Marija Jurić Zagorka from Zagreb and the first place went to the TV sale by OŠ Većeslava Holjevca, Zagreb. Best workshop films by the adult jury were Conscious by Blank_filmski inkubator Zagreb where moral decisions were shown and Shoes have secrets too by OŠ Blago Zadro from Vukovar with the unusual usage of animation and creating a dreamy feeling of traveling to a human subconcious. Children's jury awarded the film Chocolate with chocolate by Blank_filmski inkubator from Zagreb.

Duško Popović