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High school students and mentors, meet... THE WHOLE OF EUROPE!

We are counting down the last weeks till the beginning of the 17th Youth Film Festival and the 5th Four River Film Festival, held 12th – 15th September in Karlovac. This year at YFF and FRFF, which traditionally mark the beginning of a new school year, presenting the perfect summer finale and its conclusion, we have prepared a somewhat modified side programme for high school kids. The segment of the programme intended to showcase other similar workshops and festivals from Croatia and abroad, High School Kids for High School Kids, is comprised of: Barent Ecology Film Festival, European Independent Film Festival, Media Literacy Award and Internacional Youth Film Festival. One of the novelties this year is that part of the programme will be intended for high school mentors and film group leaders, enabling them to become acquainted with different film associations around Europe.

Environmentally aware high school kids wiling to learn something new about ecology and share it with others by coming up with new ideas and creative solutions, will surely enjoy the part of the programme presenting Barent Ecology Film Festival from Karelia. On the other hand, creativity is the trademark of European Independent Film Festival whose eighth edition will continue its journey throughout Europe in the next year, making one of the stops in Paris. The festival provides a unique platform for all film enthusiasts to exchange experiences and, in addition to film, also promotes music, through different concerts held at the festival. Two Austrian festivals will also be showcased within this side programme – Media Literacy Award and Youki, which is why this day of the festival will be supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum. The Viennese festival, Media Literacy Award, held in October of last year, is also the yearly award for the best and most inventive media project within the educational system of European educational institutions and it is organized by the Austrian Ministry of Education. Since Four River Film Festival was presented at this festival last year, we are now returning the favour. The last festival to complete this rich array of creative expression is Youki – International Youth Media Festival from Wels, Austria, described as an all-embracing and passionate celebration of different media.

While the side programme High School Kids for High School Kids is aimed at the students, this year the festival is organizing another programme, dedicated to their group leaders and mentors, showcasing successful film associations that work with film and young people from Croatia and Europe. One of these is Station Next from Denmark, a film school for young people between the ages thirteen and eighteen, whose student, Sara Pederson, is last year’s FRFF Grand Prix winner, with the film The Last Princess. In addition to the Danish film school, the group leaders will have a chance to get acquainted with a Norwegian youth film association – Tvibit, an extremely successful film association from Troms, Norway. Just like Cinema Club Karlovac, it is actually the backbone of anther successful youth film festival – NUFF. Last year at YFF and FRFF, precisely in the programme of high school kids, we had a chance to learn more about NUFF. Neither have we forgotten the Croatian workshop scene, therefore, we are presenting Foto Kino Video Klub from Zaprešić, for many years an active participant in the YFF and winner of awards in different categories. Also presented is the inventive concept of screenagers, connecting teenagers around Europe via computers who then use them to make films online. Some of the films made this way will also be screened at the festival in Karlovac.

Come to Karlovac from 12th to 15th September and find out for yourself what this, traditionally yellow, film festival is made of and how it works on making the international film network even richer!

For any additional information please contact: Tatjana Gržan, tel: +385 98 681 477

24. 8. 2012

Film test tubes have just exploded!
High school students and mentors, meet... THE WHOLE OF EUROPE!
67 films for this year's competition program!
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