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Six shorts in Tuškanac Cinema

The issue of eviction of the "commercially unprofitable" film (primarily any marked as art film, and also any short film) is probably as old and unsolvable as the issue of the chicken and the egg, but instead of a theoretical answer involving expressions such as strategy, capitalism or hermetic, closed or self-closed, in our local context it could be given a much more trivial diagnosis – it is hard to undertake hard work which here would mean digging all the way to the bottom and persistently, continuously and with a lot of unpaid bills commit oneself to this often not so awarding film form.

Because its position has almost always been marginal and decades of similar formula of official cinema repertoire and of television neglect have pushed it further away from the constructive, subversive margin into utter oblivion. Presently it is not the case of dragging it out of the closet, but of an attempt to hook it up on what that kind of film has become in the meantime, at least partly, as well as to observe how it will slowly infiltrate and mix through its broken narrations or methods with new hybrid forms, including commercially profitable ones (commercials, music clips, architecture, design...).

Therefore it should not be asked who evicted it, but who will return it to a small fraction of audience that might be interested if it knew it existed. Well, in this space of no particularly significance to anyone is situated this project which does not wish to be subversive, to bring coals to Newcastle or to whine about nonexistence of short meter film or another "alternative" theatre, but to bring those few interested people and film buffs to theatres for short cinema encounters and offer them what we ourselves would like to watch.

25 FPS, Zagreb 2006.

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