Second festival day: several workshops and screening of Grlić’s film!

Karlovac, 11th Sept – The third festival day starts at 10 o’clock with a matinee screening of a top animated adventure story – the film “Lapitch, the Little Shoemaker”. It is a story about the adventures of the famous hero created by writer Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, the animated mouse, Lapitch, who has over time become one of the trademarks of the production house “Croatia Film”. It is directed by a renowned director of animation for children, Milan Blažeković, and the script is written by Pajo Kanižaj. Lapitch, the little apprentice and his faithful companion, dog Bundaš, encounter a series of adventures thanks to a pair of tight boots which Lapitch needs to break in.

The program continues with official competition screenings at 15, 17 and 19 h offering a new portion of national and international high school films.

The film portion of the program ends with the program “Dubovac Open Air” and the screening of the film “Two Sunny Days” by Ognjen Sviličić. Favorable weather conditions will tonight allow us to hold the screening at the cinema under the open sky, at the old town of Dubovac. “Two Sunny Days” is Sviličić’s fourth feature film and it was created in a Croatian – French coproduction, having its premiere at the Pula Film Festival. It is a story about a foreign tourist couple vacationing at the Adriatic for whom an outdoor excursion turns into a nightmare and adds a new dimension to their relationship. Their relationship is partly also a symbolic representation of the relationship between Croatian and the world and their mutual understanding. Foreign actors Maya Sansa, Bristol Pomeroy and the once extremely famous Sylvia Kristel make up the international cast, while the Croatian cast is led by Leon Lučev who will also be joining us at the screening.  

It is also one of the last films on which Vedran Šamanović was the director of photography, who was last year’s selector of YFF and FRFF. The film will be screened in his honor and the entire festival this year is dedicated to him.

The festival day ends with a new dose of great tunes brought to us by DJ Tom Luke.

12. 9. 2010

Third festival day: adventures of Lapitch and Svilicic’s film at Dubovac!
Second festival day: several workshops and screening of Grlic’s film!
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Side program for all generations: children film classics and new titles by Grlić and Sviličić
91 films selected for the competition programs of YFF and FRFF!
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