Second festival day: several workshops and screening of Grlić’s film!

Karlovac, 10th Sept - The beginning of the second festival day has an educational quality - it starts at 10 o'clock with three different workshops: "C for Caricature" workshop will be held at the Youth Library, and everyone interested in drawing caricature will be encouraged to do so under the expert guidance of academy-trained animation artist and caricaturist from Karlovac, Neven Mihajlović Cetinjanin. The best caricatures from the workshop will have a chance to appear on the pages of the festival bulletin "Diary in a Bottle".

The "Film Mask and Make Up" workshop will be useful for all the future young directors. How to simulate blood, tears, bruises or perhaps make an actor look twenty years older? An expert make up artist, Zdenka Mihelj, knows the answers to these and other questions.

Young director Matija Radeljak will present the Project "365 - film for ten lipa": in order to raise funds for his first feature film, Matija and his team are making a series of 365 films of different genres around Croatia, each costing only ten lipa. One of these Films will be made precisely in Karlovac at this year's festival.

The program continues at 12 o'clock at the City Theater Zorin dom with a screening of animated films for kids created by top Croatian animation artists in the program entitled Jewels of Zagreb Film for Kids.

At 15, 17 and 19 h the audience will have a chance to see the high school films in the national and International competition.

The final screening today starts at 21.30 h, and due to the bad weather forecast, the screening of the film "Just between Us", instead of at the Dubovac open air venue, will be held at the City Theater Zorin dom. We are extremely pleased that joining us at the screening are director Rajko Grlić and the young actress in the film, Buga Marija Šimić who is also in the jury for the Yellow Flag award.

After the screening, the party continues at Zorin dom with the performance of an up-and-coming band from Karlovac, Deph.

11. 9. 2010

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