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In Honour of the Democratic Revolutionary Ante Peterlić(Collection of Film Scholar Papers in Honour of Peterlić’s 70th Birthday)

Nikica Gilić, ed, 2006, 3-2-1, KRENI! Zbornik radova u povodu 70. rođendana Ante Peterlića, Zagreb: Filozofski fakultet, Odsjek za komparativnu književnost

The Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb, that is the Department of Comparative Literature, has published a volume of essays marking the 70th birthday of the film scholar and historian Ante Peterlić, entitled 3-2-1, KRENI! (3-2-1, ACTION!). The volume contains 11 essays as well as a Preface... by Zoran Tadićat the beginning and a humoristic sonnet by Mirko Tomaševićat the end. Apart from that, the volume also contains a short biography of Ante Peterlić, a detailed bibliography of his books, most relevant editorial works and other relevant texts as well as his filmography.

The core of the volume, hence, are works ranging from essayistic subjective impressions to critic analyses or film studies. They can be divided into works which deal with Peterlić’s work (the texts On Ante Peterlićin front of Microphones and TV Cameras by Nikola Vončina, Ante Peterlićas an Encyclopaedist by Tomislav Šakićand Alluvium (film ”Accidental Life” by Ante Peterlić, written by Slaven Zečević), works by authors who use Peterlić’s texts as a basis and significantly supplement them with their own insights (the texts Peterlić’s ”Dissolves...” 45 Years Later by Petar Krelja and Ford, Peterlićand Us by Bruno Kragić), works by authors who considerably include some of Peterlić’s observations into their own interpretations (the texts Modernism and the Question of Genre by Nikica Gilićand Music in the film ”2001: Space Odissey” by Irena Paulus), texts by authors who take the occasion to refer to some of Peterlić’s ideas within their own interpretation (the text Future Perfect of ”The Age of Innocence”: Wharton Scorsese and Cavell by Tatjana Jukić), texts which take Peterlić’s works as, in principal, encouraging landmarks (the text ”Watch this!” — Use of Stylistic Figures by Hitchcock (in the film ”Frenzy”) by Hrvoje Turković) or texts that point out Peterlićas a positive factor of the general atmosphere (the text Analysis of Film Picture — ”The Warriors” by Walter Hill, by Silvestar Kolbas) and finally works which don’t refer to the professor’s life and work (the text Obverse and reverse of Dysfunctional Family in ”American Beauty”, by Željka Matijašević).

Damir Radić

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