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Books by M. Ćurić, S. Hundić and J. Heidl, D. Ilinčić, A. Oremović

The author gives a critical review of three books dealing with film subjects The Birth and Renewal by Mate Ćurić, Hollywood Q and A ’97 by Stjepan Hundić, and Cinema and Video Guide ’98 by Janko Heild, Dražen Ilinčić and Arsen Oremović. The author of The Birth and Renewal treats various fields of culture, therefore the book is divided into chapters dealing with theatre, literature, painting, subculture and various polemics. Ćurić puts the emphasis on the movies, which are his speciality. Although formally, he is a film critic (member of the Croatian Society of film critics) he is actually a dilettante with a mission to pinpoint certain social and cultural phenomena and to suggest a number of solutions for the possible problems. For Ćurić writing about films is always an opportunity to question wider social issues which he views from an explicitly national standpoint. In view of this he could be placed somewhere between (sometimes-likeable) enthusiasm for his nation, and (sometimes-aggressive) nationalism. The text offers a number of examples that illustrate Ćurić’ viewpoints as well as his amateurism in dealing with the art of film.

Hollywood Q and A ’97 is a collection of thirty interviews, mainly with Hollywood star actors and directors. During 1997 the author Stjepan Hundić published these interviews in some of the most influential Croatian papers and magazines. In the introduction he explains how these interviews were made and in relation to that he points out the problem of authorship (in the light of the fact that the interviews were not taken individually but in groups). He continues by stating that it is only in the form of a book that they realised their full potential, since they did not function properly as newspaper articles. Most interviewees share the criticism of the present state of the American, i. e. Hollywood social and filmmaking scene, marked by the pursuit of profit and the hypocrisy of political correctness.

Cinema and Video Guide ’98 is a collection of short newspaper reviews of the 1997 cinema repertoire in Seagram initially published in Večernji list (a Croatian daily newspaper with the highest circulation figures). This is the third year in a row that the authors publish this guide. Along with the reviews, the book includes the interviews of Arsen Oremović with John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson and Miloš Forman, an overview of the best movies of the year chosen by the author, the list of film festivals in Croatia and around the world and their awards (with a special piece on the Cannes film festival on the occasion of its 50th anniversary) and an index of the original titles of the movies reviewed in the book. The book is a concise analysis of the authors’ individual expressions along with the contribution of their guest associate Zlatka Sačer.

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