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Nikola Tanhofer (1926-1998)

Profession — War Cameraman

The cameraman’s profession harbors many dangers, and the war cameraman is particularly susceptible to them. In order to stay alive in such a dangerous profession and obtain good material, it is advisable to observe the following rules:

1. Begin shooting only when there is something really interesting in your frame.
2. You should get as close as possible to the action.
3. You should begin recording with an establishing shot and only then should you concentrate on the details.
4. Before moving the camera you should shoot several seconds of stationary material.
5. War news is not a rock video so you should try to avoid zooming.
6. The beginning and end of the shot have to be filled with unambiguous and interesting content which should be joined with calm and precise movement.
7. As a rule, shooting with a telephoto lens can only be done correctly by using a tripod which can be improvised by placing the camera on any other type of support.
8. Shooting from a moving vehicle will only be correct if the lens is set in its widest position.
9. When shooting while walking or running, it is better to walk or run behind someone who is also walking or running in the foreground of the shot.
10. One shouldn’t be apprehensive about shooting in low light, at dawn or sunset or in the rain, since these shots will be rich with atmosphere.
11. When shooting in a closed space, the best place to shoot from is the entrance to the space.
12. Don’t risk your life unnecessarily. There is no shot worth your life!

Nikola Tanhofer

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